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Academic Job Search: Writing a good CV, research statement, and teaching statement

I won't give you boring details of how you should format your CV, there's enough resources out there that give you much better advise than I ever could, instead I will tell you what you can and should do during graduate school, to generate the content for your CV and statements.

Please keep in mind that I was specifically looking for post doctoral research positions in mathematical biology. If you want to land a teaching or tenure position, some rules might be different.

Job Application Timeline
  • Academic Jobs beginning fall 2011 (June – September)
  • Deadlines for postdocs: as early as November 2010
  • Asked for letters: September 2010
  • CV, Research Statement, Preprint/publications/thesis
  • Draft of Research Statement August/September 2010
  • CV: first version in 2008, career services, periodically updated
  • Jobs are advertised on
  • Discussed everything with my advisor, proof-read by advisor, several friends proof-read my statements, department head, career services
  • Compared CV and statements to those of other mathematicians

Application Process
  • Through
  • Cover letter
    • Name of position and school
    • find department head’s name
    • Possible collaborations/groups, i.e. Mathematical Biology, Symbolic Computation
  • Mention possible collaboration in research statement
  • Mention possible new curriculum/teaching methods/undergraduate research in teaching statement
  • 1-3 hours per application
  • ~30 applications
  • 5-10 applications to specific research positions not in Academia:
    • Research Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, Microsoft Research, Cancer Systems Biology Group
    • Application directly to senior researcher 

Create Content for your Research Statement
  • Talk to your advisor (and other faculty) about your goals
  • Participate in conferences and workshops
    • Explore local options
      • SIAM seminar
      • Department Math Seminars,  Physics seminar, Graduate student speaker series, Symposium, … (read all announcement emails!)
    • Workshops (NSF math institutes)
    • Poster presentations
  • Leadership role (SIAM, SGTA, student organization, organize a seminar…)
  • Letters of recommendation
    • 2-3 research letters, 1 teaching letter
    • Knows you and your work in detail
    • Well known
    • Your advisor can suggest letter writers!

Create Content for your Teaching Statement

  • “Show, don’t tell”
    • I’m the best teacher in the world.
    • My section scored highest, best rating on evaluations, …
  • What have you accomplished that distinguishes you from other teachers?
    • Teaching large/higher-level course?
    • Anything that’s not standard curriculum (Mathematica)?
    • Review sessions/material for all sections?
    • Tutoring? Volunteering with high school events/girls’ math day/Kids’ Tech University? 
    • Do something special now, so you can write about it, when you apply 
  • Tell GTA supervisor about your career goal, he/she might have “special tasks” for you 
    • Special course to teach 
    • Special leadership roles as senior TA
  • Be a good colleague 
    • Be on time, be prepared 
    • Participate in department events (Visitors’ day, peer mentoring, …) 
    • Be friendly and helpful to your fellow colleagues (share notes, offer to substitute, …) 
    • (especially in a small department) you are hired as a team member, not a 9-5 teacher 

My Advice
  • Have a goal, know what’s necessary to accomplish it, work towards that goal
  • Take any help you can get, don’t be afraid to ask
  • Good Luck!

I hope this article makes you start thinking about your CV before you actually have to write one! 


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  3. Writing your personal statement... The personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself in the application process, and it generally falls into one of two categories - A comprehensive personal statement - This allows you maximum freedom in terms of what you write and is the type of statement often prepared for application forms. research statement chemistry


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