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scrolling inside screen

I love screen, I use it for everything (remote session, slime.vim). But sometimes I hate it. I can't scroll! Well, no that is not true. I didn't know how to scroll.

First you have to turn on the buffer. Create a .screenrc in your home directory with the following content:

# define a bigger scrollback, default is 100 lines defscrollback 10000

You can access the scrollback buffer by entering "copy mode", which is accomplished by typing

Here is the full explanation.

Screen to return to a remote session

Oftentimes I need to run long computations on a remote machine. Sometimes it's enough to just pipe the results into a text file

In many cases this is not enough, when something goes wrong, or when you need to work with the results, or when you're inside an important irb session and want to come back later. The thing to use then is screen. It allows you to come back, when the ssh connection has been closed, and find your old terminal just the way you left it.

When coming back to the remote machine, you can check on the results:

Movies in Presentations

Shifting farther and farther away from blackboard talks, I sometimes need animated gifs or movies in my presentations.

And it works perfectly with Latex Beamerclass.

Here is a good tutorial for animated gifs like the one you see. Just make sure, that convert really converted the file to pngs, if not, use Preview and Save As to turn it into the right format.

Here is a wonderful tutorial on including movies. The movie is saved within the pdf file, so no fiddling around with multiple files when giving the presentation using an installed presentation system or a shared laptop.

Before giving the presentation, go through the slides, and click ok on the warning message about playing the movie, then give a wonderful talk!

I used Screen-O-Matic to create a movie. To get rid of the Watermark, you have to pay a small fee - or you make the movie bigger (i.e. longer from top to bottom) than your slide. When you include it in your tex document with

the bottom will be cut off so nobody sees the…