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Vagrant up in the cloud (DigitalOcean)

It's quick and easy to start your virtual machine in the cloud if you use vagrant. Like, 55 seconds fast. I find it especially handy for toy projects that I need on the web quickly or when I don't want another virtual machine to gobble up resources on my laptop. I'm going through the steps for DigitalOcean. It's similarly easy for Amazon Web Services (AWS), but I find their web interface somewhat discombobulated.

A word on pricing: if you use the cloud for a small project it's basically free. A full day on Digital Oceans costs 16 cents. That's (hopefully) less than you tip on a cup of coffee. There are a lot of online coupons that'll get you through the first few months. AWS offers a full year for free, see

I'm assuming that you have vagrant installed and a Vagrantfile already written or generated with vagrant init. Ok, let's get started! First, download the vagrant plugin.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-digitalocean
Sign …